Scope of Clinical Practice in Physiotherapy

 On arrival of patients in Physiotherapy OPD either referral from different Speciality or walk in  through OPD registration, the JR. Therapist on duty assess and evaluate the patients along with Sr. Physiotherapist and record the condition legibly, on evidence findings of the therapist shall prescribe the mode of therapy procedure and administered by the therapists ( single day/ short period protocol, 5 days pr 10 days procedure).

Every week patients are reviewed for relief of symptoms? Or deterioration? Mode of treatment shall be modified according to the conditions signs and symptoms appeared or disappeared.

If the patient’s condition mark ably/considerably improved then the physiotherapy procedure discontinued with advice of periodical review in period of within 2-3 weeks time.

The treating therapists shall discusses the patients’ condition regularly with the Sr. Consultant (HOD) often and educate the patients regarding their health care.

Physiotherapist shall not prescribe or discusses any allopathic drugs.

If the  patient’s condition is not within the scope of Clinical physiotherapy practice, those patients should be referred to the appropriate Speciality for the expert management.

Scope: Relieve the Musculo-Skeltal or Neuro Muscular pain and functional  efficiency achieved on application of appropriate  Clinical Physiotherapeutic Mode, by the Registered Physical Therapist.

Dr. Koshy k Mathai Consultant Physiotherapist

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